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Aireole is a professional ski and paragliding school established in 1987. We offer multiple courses related to Air, Land, Water and Snow activities.


We offer  Paragliding courses, tandem flights, and also Speedflying.

If an aerial activity is a big mystery to you and you’re hesitant, the best way to discover it is to come share the sky with a state-certified monitor who will accompany you on your air-baptism while paragliding.

We invite you to look around our website which we hope can answer all your questions. If not, don’t hesitate to contact us in order to clear things up.

Talk soon, the Aireole team.


Aireole, a ski and paragliding school, welcomes you every winter to take on the slopes while speed-riding and skiing or to take in the view of Morzine-Avariaz from above during our tandem paragliding flights. Now’s the time to pick your activities and discover the skiable domains of the Portes du Soleil.

Ski lessons are available in winter – you pick the time slot that is the most convenient for you! We will do our best to meet your expectations. Head out for a few hours or a full day to discover the joys of gliding with a relaxed and friendly ambiance.

Quickly evaluate your level and then reserve your lessons !!

Nous trouver

Aireole, 614 av de Joux Plane

74110 Morzine

Nous contacter

Tel: +33 659 297 900


Olivier: +33 660 387 101


Albert: +33 607 631 625






Albert Baud

Bees paragliding instructor

Flying since 1986

Olivier Rozier

Bees paragliding and ski instructor

Flying since 1986

Vincent Labro

Bees paragliding instructor

Flying since 1993

Géraldine Marzi/Rozier

Bees alpin ski instructor. Hostest.

Stephen Gichuki

Paragliding monitor (BPjeps)

Flying since 2005

Guillaume Omont

Paragliding monitor student (BPjeps), ski and AMM instructor

Flying since 1986

Rémy-Lou Fontaine

Paragliding monitor student (DEjeps)

Flying since 2012

The site:

Morzine Avoriaz

Situated in the northern Alps, in the heard of the Portes du Soleil, Morzine is the privileged location of your family vacations. In every season, this charming village offers a large range of sporty and relaxed activities. During your family’s ski vacations, take advantage of the 650 kms of ski and snowboard slopes starting in Morzine. And why not discover  the other activities like night snowshoeing or speed-riding ?

In the summer, get close with nature and get away from it all! During your trip in Morzine, go hike, mountain bike, swim, participate in other white water activities or via ferrata. For those open to all types of motor-free flying, Morzine has rich air conditions that allow for all types of flight. Thermics early in the morning in the fabulous cliffside sites, gliding conditions in the late afternoon, dynamic flying until late in the evening…

The site possesses in reality 3 take-off sights, two of which are frequently used. Their different expositions allow you to take off and fly all day long. They are South/SouthEast to West/NorthWest facing with around a 600m height difference. There is another take off site at the entry of Avoriaz which is less used. Shorter and more technical, it can discourage certain people.

Concerning the landing, we have two official sites. The first and main one is found at the foot of the Pleney mountain (stadium of free flight) and the second is used more often for students or for more secure landings. In our opinion this second one is useful when crossing Morzine seems delicate, so don’t hesitate to use it!


614 Avenue de Joux Plane, 74110 Morzine