Discovery Tandem Flight

It’s your very first experience in the air-sport world. After climbing up the mountain by car, a monitor will take care of you to explain the intense moment you’re going to go through. After trusting your monitor, you’ll just need to take a few steps to finally achieve your dream ! And we’re off for 600m of flying above Morzine.

Every pilot, except in a technical problem, will record photos and videos that you can see at the end of your flight.

Price : 85€ (75€ for children)

Cross (longer-distance) Tandem Flight

Most often, this is your second flight. It’s the initiating flight to paragliding. For a minimum of 30 minutes, you’ll play in the sky above Morzine. In accordance with your comfort and the air conditions, the monitor can you let you pilot the paraglider and show you around the airspace.

Price : 95€

The Cross and adrénaline Tandem Flight : It’s the best of the flights, heading from summit to summit of Morzine and its surrounding areas, while exploiting its thermal ascension and finish with some acrobatics maneuvers. This flight is made for people who want to discover birds’ worlds as well as paragliding pilots wanting to break into new territory in their practice.

Price : 120€

Adrénaline Tandem Flight

You looking for strong sensations ?

You want to defy gravity ?

Discover the different pendulums of paragliding, sometimes with your head upside down!

This tandem flight is meant for you!

Price : 95€

Offer an unforgettable memory to those close to you, a tandem or solo flight:


Avenue de Joux Plane, 74110 Morzine