Initiation course

Time to discover paragliding (over minimum 3 days), with the basics of flight (practical and theoretical) and adapted and recent material. At your rhythm, you’ll progress from the training hill to bigger flights, supervised by two state-certified monitors.

OBJECTIVE: Your first 3 big flights will take place with a 600m descent with radio assistance. A passport of federal free-flight will be given to you at the end of your course.

Price : 380€

Progression course


Objective : Autonomy at the school’s site in calm conditions. The paraglider and you, learning the fundamentals and exploring the domain of flight.


Objective: A big step towards your pilot license. The air mass, the paraglider and you, visits to multiple sites.


Objective : Performance flight, cross flight

Price : 430€

Cross course

This type of course is for autonomous pilots. It will let you, over multiple days in accordance with your level, to start taking thermic air and go from cloud to cloud. The planning will be to study the subtle aspects of flight in order to best optimise the conditions of the day.


Avenue de Joux Plane, 74110 Morzine